OoT 3D: Put away boost glitch (exclusive)

OoT 3D: Put away boost glitch (exclusive)

OoT 3D: Put away boost glitch (exclusive)

Here is brand new glitch for this game what I just discovered!!! With this glitch in future we may have awesome stuff! You can clip trough walls with this what is normally not possible in this game.

NEWS: When you normally press A to put away sword. If talk to navi in this situation you can dive with her. I did aqua escape that way out from forest to the zora river. This glitch is amazing!

To do:

Just swing your sword three times and smash A button to put sword away. Link will get small boost backwards. And you must not move! You can also change direction if you turn very little bit before third slash and then don’t move when link has stopped swinging sword. You can change angles with this little trick if your sword doesn’t hit a wall for some reason.

In this video I just show few example where this new glitch can be used!

I tried dot skip with this glitch. It’s so close I think. You can clearly see how link will go inside of wall little bit but then get pushed back. Maybe we need something more. It’s so close!

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