Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D: Swordless Link / any item on epona

Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D: Swordless Link / any item on epona

Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D: Swordless Link / any item on epona

Here we go! This old fairy remote control epona trick works on this game as well. With this glitch you get swordless and you can use any items on epona, even farore’s wind to create warp points! I can’t remember all that stuff what you can do with this. I’m hoping we can get deku stick to B button or something. One good point in this glitch is when you save and quit and then reload your save again. Link is still swordless and you can continue having fun!

How to:

1. Kill yourself until you have half of heart of quarter of the heart left and you also need to have fairy in the bottle.

2. Stand next to epona where A says climb and put down bomb next to you.

3. Wait for bomb explode and then after explode frame press A to climb. Link will revived and you now have remote control epona! Be sure you equip iron boots before doing this because you need to get to under water after this part. In new oot item system you cannot equip iron boots afterward. So make sure you do it before this.

4. Go under water and wait for timer and then press A to *faster* command to make link back to riding with epona. Then just dismount you there you have swordless.

Then just go have fun and if farore’s wind in example doesn’t work try to switch it to other button icons. Then it should work fine. Sword icon works little bit different in this game than on normal oot.

When you get swordless you still have master on your sword button but it’s transparent. Way to fix this issue and have your sword back, go back to child and back to adult. Then you have your master sword equipped. In this game you cannot reequip your sword if it have white borders around that icon. Maybe you can get master sword back if you have giant’s knife. I mean equip it and then equip master sword again. If we could get swordless before getting epona, we maybe could get deku sticks on B button from ingo riding game.

Go find stuff with this!! Have fun! ^_^

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  • Ocarino

    hey, but if i doesn’t have the giant knife, and doesn’t got trough the forest temple so can’t go trough time, what can i do?